From Founding to Selling the Company for $30 Million in 5 Years!


There are people in this world whose very DNA consists of a unique and unmistaken entrepreneurial sequence.  Sometimes they deviate from being entrepreneurial and their DNA reminds them that it’s not for them.  That’s the case of Andy Levitt – Founder and CEO of The Purple Carrot – the first 100% plant-based meal kit company in the market.  His entrepreneurial DNA was revealed at the young age of 11 when he had an idea to use his skill and know-how to write a book about solving a rubic’s cube.  Although he successfully finished the book, complete with hand-drawn illustrations, no publishing company said yes to his idea.  He credits that experience as an important lesson on failure and rejection, which is normal as an entrepreneur, and as unfortunate as that sounds, it’s a lesson that’s actually a blessing learned early and often.

That’s just one of the many things Andy shared with us in this interview. He also shares lessons on starting a business from scratch, looking for investors or funding, and then selling a business.  He provides insights on how to actually put a business on the market, dealing with failed talks, and how deals succeed or fail.  Andy doesn’t just talk about funding and selling a business, he also talks about creating meaningful partnerships between firms and other brands that can help propel your brand forward.

Andy started and has grown Purple Carrot while being a husband and a father to 4 young kids which has forced him to better manage his stress and anxiety in recent years.  This is another fascinating take on entrepreneurship.

Andy Levitt

Andy Levitt

The Purple Carrot