MBA Project to Thriving Allergy Free Snack Food Business


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The number of emergency room visits and hospitalizations caused by life-threatening allergies don’t just occur in the movie. They are as real as any other disease we may have. From being rushed to the hospital at the tender age of 3 and having his throat swell shut, to being called "EpiPen guy" by his football teammates at the University of Wisconsin, Blake Sorensen's entire life was affected by his deathly nut allergy.

While studying for his MBA at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, Sorensen put on his superhero cape when he was challenged to come up with a business that met a social need. His frustration in not being able to find allergy free snack food at gas stations on long drives to school gave him the idea to create a snacks for people with allergies like him and that is when Blake's Seed-Based was born.

In today’s episode of the Plant-based profit show, Blake shares his beautiful turn in life where he was no longer scared to join his teammates fueling up on bars, trail mix and cookies. He describes that day in his social entrepreneurship course where he was challenged to identify and solve a social need. He excitingly talks about how he was left to face his weakness and turn it into a helping hand for people with allergies. In today’s show Blake shares with us how he benefitted from the knowledge he gained from his mother, who worked as a dietician, and made his first bars using a food processor in his own kitchen in Indiana and how his Brand, Blake's Seed-Based became the voice he needed. Let’s dig further into the show as we talk about a former Mr. Football who loves innovation and brought a line of snack bars back home for all of us.