From Reinventing Himself at 50 to Supplying Tom Brady Protein Bars


In today’s world where consumers are much more health-conscious and mindful about what they are putting into their body, it’s no wonder why terms like plant-based, vegan, meat-free, and organic are all over food packages now.  Starting with just one small dehydrator in his kitchen, food innovator Bruce Namenson has tapped into this rapidly growing market and created two premier raw plant-based packaged food brands, Organic Living Superfoods and Healthy Truth, to offer hundreds of delicious, totally 100% vegan superfoods.

In today’s episode of the Plant-based profit show, we sit down with Bruce and talk about how he first got the idea to start his own brand. We’ll learn how he won the trust of non-other than seven-time Super Bowl Champion, Tom Brady, to create the TB12 line of plant-based food products. Having faced major life and career-ending challenges, Bruce also reveals his darkest days and how he was able to rise from the ashes with a mission of helping others get healthier through clean, honest, plant-based superfood snacks, powders, and bars.