Picking Winners in Venture Capital Investing of Plant-Based Businesses

Early on while growing up, our next guest already knew he wanted to be a successful entrepreneur or an Olympic skier.  He even sold bales of hay at the age of 8.  As he’s in our show, you’ve probably guessed that the Olympic skier part didn’t pan out.  But he’s not just a successful entrepreneur.  He’s an entrepreneur who helps OTHER entrepreneurs. He’s Chris Kerr, one of the most highly respected plant-based venture capitalists in the world.
Have you ever thought of employing your high school classmates? Chris will discuss some of his first businesses he started while still in high school.  He’ll also share with us how he became a vegan, how he became a prolific investor in early-stage, plant-based food companies, and the story of why he founded the plant-based seafood company Good Catch.
One key vegan ingredient has been a game changer in allowing vegans to enjoy delicious pizza completely guilt-free...vegan cheese!  We’ll learn how 14 pizza boxes and one 4-year old little girl helped Chris get vegan cheese into Wholefoods.
Chris reveals what capitalists look for before investing in a company, as well as the first steps taken to make them grow.

Chris Kerr


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