From Hippie to World Changing Innovator

Have you ever thought back and wondered if you played it too safe when you were young? What if you had just quit school and lived out of your car traveling for 10 years living off the grid?  Maybe your whole approach to relationships and life in general would have changed.  Maybe you would have been forced to be much more creative and resourceful in order to fund your wandering lifestyle.  And maybe….just maybe... you would have built an innovative renewable energy company that leads in providing clean energy to households and companies in your country, and created the first all-vegan professional football club in the world. All that happened to our guest, Dale Vince, the founder and owner of Ecotricity, not only Britain’s greenest energy company, but the world’s first green energy company.

In this episode of Plant-Based Profits, we explore Dale’s amazing vegan journey as a hippie with no money, no equipment and no training, to a world-changing innovator in both renewable energy AND sports.  Starting from the beginning, we’ll learn how he hated school and had a real problem with authority and petty rules.  We’ll explore how he became a dedicated vegan New Age Traveller where he would then learn the skills and make connections that helped him to launch something so much bigger than himself.  How did this hippie traveler build a company from zero to now earning at least £165M off of his windmill trailer and crane truck?  We’ll take Dale on a trip down his memory lane from his early childhood and find out how he started thinking green and living green.