Starting and Growing a Happy Veg Revolution


Whether you are interested in becoming a vegan and are wondering where to start, or are a skilled chef looking to create a bigger variety of delicious and plant-based meals, the Happy Pear is the answer to all your questions. Happy Pear twins David and Stephen Flynn are the chefs and writers of the best-selling cookbook “The Happy Pear” filled with recipes and stories from their past 10 years experience in owning natural food stores, wholefood cafes, dinner restaurants, superfood sprout farms, self-labeled products, online stores, health education seminars, and online courses to make the world healthier and happier.

In spite of growing up on a standard Irish diet of whatever was put in front of them, and having the idea that ‘real men eat meat,’ they have started a food revolution by making fruits and vegetables sexy, and they are taking as many people as possible on the road for this beautiful journey.

In today’s episode of the Plant-based profit show, David and Stephen Flynn share with us how they developed an encyclopedia of plant-based cooking over 20 years and are helping others to make healthy cooking simple, creative, utterly attractive, and mouth-watering. They also share their journey in becoming a successful pair of vegan entrepreneurs and how to align being healthy with happiness. The twins give us an insight into their new book, The Happy Health Plan, which is their first health and lifestyle book and includes over 80 delicious plant-based recipes, health plans, meal plans, and shopping lists.

David & Stephen Flynn

Happy Pear

Happy Pear