'Vegucator-In-Chief' Receives Grant from Beyonce's Foundation


Like many families, Dawn Hilton-Williams’s early childhood memories were marred by premature deaths brought about by chronic diseases, and like other families, she mourned the losses, normalized them, and moved on. However, it was her husband Anthony's health scare that changed her life, business, and family for good. She founded Herban-Eats and became the VEGUCATOR-IN-CHIEF.

Dawn, is a passionate vegan whose mission is to fundamentally improve wellness, prevent chronic diseases and poverty from flowing and ruining human lives. From guidance and live demonstrations to countless vegan product and service solutions, Dawn works closely with plant-based clinicians and many other health and wellness partners to help people transform from daily poor health conditions to happy healthy lives. Dawn has over 20 years of professional cooking experience, has a plant-based nutrition certificate from the T. Colin Campbell Center for nutrition studies at eCornell, and in 2019 she authored her first book titled "Flava My Plate, Your Tasty Vegan Guide to Health-Wealth", a cookbook and guide to delicious vegan food.

A few years ago, when Dawn’s husband Anthony felt sick, she immediately decided to make some positive changes to her health. Previously she had been reading studies on the relationship between diets rich in animal products and illnesses such as cancer and heart disease, but wasn't ready to change her lifestyle, not until Anthony's health problems. Her research helped defeat her worries about meal planning, caring for herself, parenting, running a company, and taking care of Anthony.

In today’s episode of the Plant-Based Profit show, we take a deeper insight into Dawn’s family and professional life. From tv and social media-based cooking show appearances, cooking classes, and demos to podcasting, coaching, writing, public speaking, and vegucation 101 presentations, Dawn works to raise awareness about the direct correlation between chronic disease and diet; with a targeted focus on reaching people in minority communities who are disproportionately impacted by their negative effects.

We will further discuss how she is hoping to spread the word even more about the health benefits of a vegan diet with help from the Black-owned small business Impact grant from Beyoncé’s BeyGOOD Foundation and the NAACP that she was recently awarded.

Dawn Hilton-Williams

Dawn Hilton-Williams