Making it Easy For You to Eat Plant-Based


Our guest today is Derek Sarno is the Executive Chef and Director of Plant-Based Innovation for Tesco, the world's third-largest food retailer. Derek is the co-founder of Tesco's Wicked Healthy variety of foods and Good Catch Foods, two companies that have been built to promote global plant-based culinary creativity and innovation. Sarno was also the former Senior Global Executive Chef at Whole Foods Market, where he supervised national recipe production and catered all of the company's main executive leadership events. Derek has operated many highly acclaimed restaurants and catering companies since graduating from culinary school. He learned to meditate and cook various foods at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery where he spent a few years farming. Derek, passionate about food and veganism, strives tirelessly to make the movement more appealing to today’s world.

In today’s episode of the Plant-based profit show, Derek talks about his love for food and journey to a plant-based diet. He further shares how he co-created Wicked Healthy with Chad (his brother) and how their relationship as kids has evolved over the years. He gives us more insight into the importance of spirituality and meditation in his decision to become a plant-based chef. Moving forward, Sarno tells us about the innovative Wickedly meaty projects and other exciting endeavours he has on the horizon.

Derek's entire career has been dedicated to making the planet a better place through cooking. His genuine sincerity and inspirational drive shine through in this episode!