Vegan Cookbook Author - This is No Longer a Hobby!


In the last decade, vegan cuisine has come a long way. The once-ubiquitous dry, packaged veggie burger is no longer the poster child for a vegan or vegetarian diet. It has grown into a sophisticated, innovative cuisine that has been praised by publications such as Food & Wine Magazine and many others. Today, our guest Dreena Burton, who has been at the forefront of vegan blogging and cooking for a long time, has been recognized for making healthy food taste delightful. Her cookbooks are the defining moments of almost fifteen years of recipe creation that bring wonders to your table – hearty, healthful eating that looks and tastes fantastic.

Dreena Burton has been vegan for more than 25 years, during which time she has written five cookbooks reflecting her experience as a plant-powered chef and stay-at-home mom of three beautiful children.

Burton pursued her true passion for authoring recipes and cookbooks after working in marketing management for several years. She had made appearances on television and radio and contributed to sites including KrisCarr, Forks Over Knives, Engine 2 Diet, and PCRM.  Dreena has also written for Yoga Journal, VegNews, alive magazine. She has won several blog awards, including VegNews, VegBloggy, and Vancouver's Ultimate Mom Blog.

In today's episode of the Plant-Based Profit Show, Dreena provides guidance and answers for everything from pleasing picky eaters to filling a vegan pantry to packing school lunches and dealing with difficult social situations, all based on her personal experiences. She shares stories from her journey towards a plant-based diet, including how an unhealthy relationship with food goes back to when she started dieting at just nine years old. Dreena tells us that she always thinks about their nutrition and taste buds as a mother of three girls. Her delicious dishes can please and inspire even the pickiest diners and offer lifelong vegans the imaginative, healthful cuisine they've always desired. Dreena has become a master at helping families navigate and embrace eating plant-based through her cookbooks.