Creating a Market for Delicious Sprouted Buckwheat



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Your taste buds never lie to you. Today we have someone on the show who has introduced a new vegan product to North American grocery stores. It all started when our guest, Emily Griffith, tasted an acai bowl made with sprouted Buckwheat many years ago in Sidney, Australia.

Emily has developed a love for traveling, surfing, smoothies, snowboarding, fitness, and website design but as a kid, she was always trying out different business ideas on her neighbors. She started her first real enterprise, a marketing, and graphic design business in college when she made posters for a climbing gym in exchange for a pass. After college, she worked at a couple of large digital marketing agencies for 3 years in Chicago and Sydney while continuing to work on her freelance business and growing it to 6 figures in revenue.

After years working in marking Emily decided to take a crack at starting a brand in the food space once she became obsessed with the taste and health benefits of Sprouted Buckwheat. She called the brand, Lil Bucks Sprouted Buckwheat. Lil Bucks offers a range of crispy snacks and fillings made from sprouted buckwheat, a popular Australian superfood rich in protein, fiber, and magnesium. The company buys organic buckwheat from farms in Minnesota and North Dakota. The product is organic, free of most allergens, and of course vegan.

In today’s episode of the Plant-based profit show, Emily shares what she was doing when she received the call that she was awarded a 4 years academic scholarship that included fully paid tuition, a semester studying abroad, and a and living stipend for outstanding academic achievement.

Emily goes on to tell how her amazing brand is disrupting different areas of the grocery store, starting with breakfast and snacks but has plans to move into single-serve and savory categories. As the show progresses, Emily discusses how she had to learn the food business from scratch and was thankful for being accepted into a food start-up incubator that offered a class "Starting a Food Business 101". She received some of her first significant funding when she won a pitch competition co-sponsored by Bel Brands which also helped her develop an operations, packaging, and distribution strategy.

At the end of the show, I will share a coupon code for Lil Bucks that Emily has provided for Plant-Based Profit Listeners.

Lil Bucks will close a very successful crowd investing campaign on the popular investing site, Republic, on April 22, 2021. If you are listening to this in the first week the show comes out there is still time to get in.