Taking VegFests Online


Businesses are recognizing that plant-based eating is not a fad and veganism is a fast-growing movement. To help the cause, Helene Greenberg, launched the Triangle Vegfest in October 2014 in Durham, NC, and she has since expanded to host vegfests in other states on the East Coast to spread the vegan message.  Her events help educate the community about easy ways to reap the health benefits of a plant-based diet, provide a place for vegan-friendly companies to market their products, and encourage local restaurants to offer more vegan-friendly menu options.

In today’s episode of the Plant-Based Profit show, we learn about the upbringing of Helene Greenberg in a household of working parents and the struggles she faced as an early vegetarian teenager. We’ll talk about her passion for animal rights, and how she continues to channel this passion to help grow the vegan community through her events. We also learn more about her work in helping vegfests pivot in the middle of a pandemic and go online through VirtualVegfest.com