A Diner That Looks "Straight Out of the ’60s," With One Twist: It’s Entirely Vegan


When a child prefers to hang out in the kitchen with his grandmother and aunt watching and learning how to make family recipes rather than being with the rest of the family watching TV, you just know they are going to have a love for the culinary arts for the rest of their life.  That’s definitely the case for our guest, culinary creative and restaurateur Ian Brandt, the founder and owner of Vertical Diner.  

In this episode of the Plant-Based Profits Show, Ian explains why he doesn’t see veganism as a trend but as a necessity, and that it is high time people stop eating animals. He’ll also walk us through his 20-year long and winding road to Plant-Based entrepreneurial success a journey that was anything but a straight vertical line. 

Ian Brandt

Ian Brandt

Vertical Diner