Why 'Shark Tank' Judge Offered Over Double The Asking Investment



Manhattan-born, but raised in Miami, Jenny Goldfarb never really shook off her New York-Jewish deli sensibilities. It may be because it runs in the blood - beginning with her great grandfather, an immigrant from Romania who spoke no English coming into America but went on to own several delis in his lifetime. Though Jenny eventually found herself living in the West Coast with her husband and their three daughters, she never lost her love for authentic East Coast deli sandwiches.

Growing up eating meat her whole life, Jenny’s journey into a plant-based lifestyle started when a friend introduced her to videos of how animals suffered in service of the food industry. Dodging doubts from her husband and in-laws, Jenny nevertheless pursued her newfound passion of going vegan, which led her to create her own food vlog, Count Your Colors. Her hubby, a 3-time Emmy winning film editor, gamely supported her on this. Her vlogs didn’t exactly turn her into a Youtube star, but Jenny felt that she was doing her contribution in making the world a better place. But it wasn’t until she made her own vegan corned beef using easy to find ingredients that things really picked up speed.

Encouraged by friends and family, Jenny slowly scaled up the production of her vegan corned beef business and soon found her way into Whole Foods. Just when she thought that her food business had finally found it’s turning point, she decided to pitch for Shark Tank. Before she knew it, Jenny found herself standing in front of the sharks! She deftly handled the challenging questions from the sharks and walked away with a cool $250,000 investment from Mark Cuban, more than double what she was asking for.

Today Jenny shares the amazing story of how she grew her vegan food business, Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli, from her kitchen to a thriving business that allows her to still be a full-time mom and wife and do her part in protecting animals. Plus she shares a whole lot of practicality on how she continues to maneuver her business in this pandemic.

Jenny Goldfarb


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  • Jenny shares where she got her love for New York - Jewish deli sandwiches 
  • She also gives a background on life after college and spending a year out in Israel, and finally ending up in the West Coast where she’s now living with her husband and family. 
  • How she was introduced into veganism by a friend and how watching videos on animal cruelty inspired her to make a switch to a plant-base lifestyle with her family
  • Jenny talks about her desire to help busy moms like her prepare vegan meals for her family by coming up with her own vlog Count Your Colors. Her husband, a film editor, was instrumental in putting her vlogs together. 
  • We listen to how Jenny comes up with her groundbreaking vegan corned beef that changed everything for her. 
  • From her kitchen, Jenny walks us through how she brought her vegan corned beef from her home to different delis around LA. Listen to how she grew, too, as an entrepreneur even without any business degree. 
  • She shares how she managed to get her vegan corned beef into Whole Foods solely on hard work, persistence and perseverance. 
  • With Whole Foods now ready to take her products on, Jenny shares how she worked her way to expanding her business by just asking the right questions and following generous advice from fellow food entrepreneurs. 
  • Then there’s Shark Tank - Jenny tells us how she got into the show and the amazing offer she got from Mark Cuban. 
  • After Shark Tank, she talks about how her business has gone bigger with a possible contract with Quiznos. 
  • While things seemed to be going really well, suddenly Covid hit and changed everything. Jenny also shares her Dad’s scary Covid ordeal and how he managed to pull through. 
  • Amazingly Jenny’s business continued to grow in the pandemic and she shares how Mark Cuban would continually guide her through crucial decisions and the lessons she learned when it comes to making decisions as an entrepreneur. 
  • Jenny also takes on promising future plans for her business - how she uses PR as one of her prime strategies plus the move to bring her business internationally.  
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