Vegan Activist, Shoe Designer, Author, Vegan Cheese Maker!


If you think that veganism only applies to food, then this podcast episode will open a whole new side of the plant-based lifestyle to you.  We’ve known for a long time that fashion can be bad for both animals and the environment, but more than recycling fashion items or even avoiding fast fashion, one entrepreneur has changed the animal-free-fashion game by creating a whole fashion brand catered to men.  Joshua Katcher educates us on the relationship of masculinity, meat, animals, and fashion.  Joshua’s portfolio includes being a production media practitioner, entrepreneur, author, designer, activist, artist, and educator.  Not only that, he’s the founder and co-founder of two other successful businesses in other industries, all plant-based.  How he fits everything he has to do in a day is nothing short of amazing.

We’ll learn more about Brave GentleMan, which offers a full line of high-quality luxury vegan and sustainable shoes for men. His business started – not from head to toe – but toe to head.  How does one start a shoe business, let alone a vegan one?  Joshua gives us a glimpse of what he did to turn his vision into sales.  He also tells us about the challenges he encountered and the lessons he learned the hard way so that you can avoid making them.  We’re excited to show you this increasingly popular side of plant-based entrepreneurship.  For those who are on the edge of dabbing into vegan business concepts that go beyond food into other industries, take a lesson from Joshua Katcher and Brave GentleMan.