Making a Living as a YouTuber


Many of us love a salad, but let’s face it, a pizza tastes better. Fruit salad is delicious, but nothing quite hits the spot like chocolate fudge cake. Rewind ten, even five years ago and a vegan’s diet would mostly consist of salad, pitta bread, and houmous. Gone are the days where we’d pay $15 for a salad in a restaurant because that was the only option.

When you think of mac and cheese, ramen, Philly cheesesteak, and fried chicken, do you think vegan? If not, now you can. Lauren Toyota has been shaking up the internet and what it means to be vegan, on her YouTube channel and blog, Hot for Food. On her channel, create and post impressive recipe videos, proving that everything can be made vegan. She is also uniting vegan and comfort foods in her first-of-its-kind cookbook.

Lauren Toyota is a Canadian TV personality who has worked for nearly ten years in the broadcast industry. For Toyota, being on air from a young age was always a dream come true – presenting, producing, and editing. In Vancouver, she was a MuchMusic VJ, working alongside A-listers like Selena Gomez, Pitbull and Justin Bieber. Although the broadcast path gave her endless opportunities, like traveling the world, she later on decided on becoming a host and producer, and now works as a full-time YouTuber/Blogger.

Lauren and her unique vegan recipes have been featured in Laika MagazineWomen’s Health MagazineBuzzFeedHuffington PostThrive, and Clean Eating Magazine. She was also Food Network Canada’s first and only vegan blogger and contributor, regularly sharing exclusive recipes for Meatless Monday. For Toyota, being in the food industry almost seemed like her destiny. Even prior to becoming a vegan, she was always interested in modifying and experimenting with recipes. As a child, she had aspirations of being a chef and working in a restaurant. Although more casual and less glamourized than TV, Lauren says her social media platforms are for passionate food people to have an infinite resource of vegan recipes.

In today’s episode of the Plant-based profit show, Lauren Toyota reveals having hundreds of thousands of combined followers, fans, and subscribers, from YouTube to Twitter to Instagram. – making herself an inspirational, influential voice of a generation. Lauren speaks to the value of delicious vegan comfort food as a means by which to effectively encourage people to take the blinders off. We will also chat with Toyota about her journey from being a VJ to a YouTube star and, most recently, her brand new cookbook Hot for Food – All Day.