Insider Tips on Plant-Based Business Marketing & PR


We’ve usually heard from very successful plant-based entrepreneurs who grew their businesses from nothing into huge life-changing and life-saving companies.  In this show, we’ll hear from someone who specializes in helping plant-based entrepreneurs become successful through great marketing and PR.  It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it, and that somebody is Lori Amos – Founder and CEO of Scout 22. 

In the show, we will learn about why Lori started one of the world’s first boutique marketing and PR agencies that focus on working with conscious capitalists with a specific niche of plant-based businesses. We’ll learn important insider tips on marketing, correct some vegan misconceptions, and get advice on when best to contact PR or marketing agencies if you have an idea for a business.

Since Lori started her hard work on promoting vegetarianism and then veganism to her own family who are all meat-lovers, something that many of us can relate to, we’ll explore what she learned are the best ways to convince family to transition to this life-changing movement. 

Her journey to vegetarianism and then to veganism may have started because of vanity but it then transitioned to a passion.  A teenage girl who wanted to simply lose some pounds, she ended up keeping the diet habit and made it into a lifestyle after a lot of shocking discoveries she learned through the years.  So if you’ve ever feared failure, and it stopped you from doing the things you want, Lori’s story will help put things in perspective for you. 

Lori Amos

Lori Amos

Founder and CEO of Scout 22