From Selling an Online Yoga Business to Creating a Vegan Multivitamin On a Mission


When we talk about being a vegan, we often think of our health as being all bright and fresh. Today, we are going to meet someone who had a different experience. Our guest today, Maria Cebrian, had been a vegetarian and vegan on-and-off for ten years before fully committing to the lifestyle five years ago. She would go vegan for some months, only to start to feel a bit tired or foggy. If we have to put it the right way, she was never a perfect vegan and was often nutrient deficient. Our guest Maria decided to go vegan when she heard about how animal agriculture impacts the environment and how animals are treated – she knew this wasn't right.

When Maria's co-worker, Hava Horowitz, shared her idea of creating a multivitamin specifically tailored for vegans, she absolutely loved it. That was precisely what Maria needed to solve all the nutrient deficiencies. That's how an all-in-one pill that was good for both vegans and the planet came to the world with the name Terraseed Multivitamin.

In today's episode of the Plant-based profit show, Maria recalls her early vegan being days where everything seemed blurry. Her life felt dull because of all the nutrient deficiencies. She later describes how magically they came to the blooming idea of multivitamins, but the thought of adding more waste to the world made them rethink their decision. She says in the show that it was both a real hassle and a bummer. They knew they had to do things differently. And a question of how to get everything a vegan needs in just one pill a day without generating more waste rose. The answer came in the form of a beautifully designed, fully compostable packaging, becoming that most sustainable supplement available. In January 2021, Tarraseed became the first vegan company ever selected into Techstars Startup-Accelerator Program.

Later in the show, Maria talks about her passion for mountain running and her memorable experiences. Moving forward, Maria gives away some fascinating details about her multivitamins and her ambassador program – her innovative social media techniques and everything she has learned.