Successful Serial Entrepreneur With a Mission to Keep People Out of Hospital


The most dedicated people are often not those who shout the loudest. Instead, they work tirelessly and quietly to build movements, bringing a consistent, dedicated presence to a worthy cause. From the child who asks their parents where meat comes from, launching their family on a vegan journey, to the attorney arguing cases to improve the lives of billions of factory-farmed animals – being a compassionate vegan takes many forms.  Each person who lives a vegan lifestyle or marches for animal rights is one more voice speaking up for animals. And, lucky for us, we have Matt Tullman to bless this world. Matt is a long-term policy geek, entrepreneur, biohacker, and venture capitalist. He co-founded and currently serves as CEO of No Meat Brands, which owns a growing portfolio of wellness companies, including No Meat Athlete, Complement, 80/20 Plants, and Plant Bites.

In today’s episode of the Plant-based profit show, Matt shares his story and how the sickness of a loved one inspired him to look deeply into what it means to live well as a human, the pillars of health and happiness, and the power of plant-based nutrition. He describes how he started the nutrition supplement company - Complement, the motivation behind it, the way he connected with Matt Frazier and built a relationship with him while guiding golden principles for the business. Matt is passionate about bringing ideas to life—from creating new businesses to building furniture and digital artifacts. He loves learning, designing, prototyping, and challenging himself physically. He’s also a big fan of hugs, positivity, meditation, and giving back.