From Founding to IPO In Just 3 Years


We’ve had guests who made the shift to a plant-based diet due to health, sustainability, and/or compassion for animals, but today we’re going to hear the point of view from a butcher who grew up vegetarian.  Yes, you heard it right, a real-life butcher.  Only this butcher doesn’t cut and prepare just any kind of meat, he prepares the kind of meat we love – a plant-based one.  We have in this episode, Mitchell Scott, one of the founders of Very Good Butchers – a vegan butcher shop headquartered in Victoria, BC, that promises high-grade vegan meat from quality produce.

For all of you who are thinking of starting a company but feel really intimidated with all the steps you need to do and the paperwork, you need to have – Mitchell shares a very useful tool for all startups – Google.  They literally Googled how to form a corporation a month after their first Farmer’s Market success.  If you think that was fast, wait until you hear the rest of their story and how they were able to get to IPO in just 3 years!  We’ll find out more about how they grew without spending huge money on marketing and influencers.  Mitchell also shares his key strategies for growth and what their plans are in the future.

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Mitchell Scott

Mitchell Scott

The Very Good Butchers