Vegan Lifestyle TV Show Host & Vegan Cheese Founder


Nafsika Antypas is an entrepreneur, activist, TV host and nonprofit founder. In less than five years, she went from new vegan to executive producer and host of her own TV series Plant-Based by Nafsika and the founder of the vegan cheese line Nafsika's Garden. This week I speak with her to hear more about her mission to bring veganism to the masses as the buzz surrounding the first and only mainstream vegan lifestyle TV show grew.

Changing one's way of thinking overnight takes a lot of determination. It is only possible when one is driven by a deep intent – a vision that shakes the individual to their core and gives them a new sense of meaning. Nafsika, had a similar epiphany nearly a decade ago when watching Vegecated on Netflix while breastfeeding and decided to go vegan overnight.

In 2014 she founded the non-profit People Against Violence, supporting victims of violence seeking guidance and assistance through a 24-hour hotline staffed by licensed counsellors. However, as a committed vegan, Antypas believes that the best way to make the planet a more humane environment is to encourage people to go vegan.

Nafsika earned her certification as a Fitness & Lifestyle Coach in 2017, and she now helps people live a healthy, more compassionate lifestyle. Because, as Nafsika claims, "one cannot live a life of love and compassion if not practicing it every day."

In today's episode of the Plant-Based Profit Show, I speak with Nafsika about what made her decision to become vegan and her motivations, projects, and success in bringing plant-based inspiration to households worldwide. She explains how she aims to unite plant-based food with entertainment, and for her, veganism is not just a diet; it is a way of life. She goes on to shares some valuable advice she would give someone who is considering changing to a plant-based lifestyle and quick notes on daily meals. Nafsika tells how she enjoys spending time with her family, including two young, healthy boys, and happy to educate just about anyone who would listen about why it's more beneficial to switch to a plant-based diet.