Frustrated Vegan Fashion Consumer Starts His Own High End Vegan Fashion Business


Leather bags have dominated the fashion industry for a long time, but Vegan leather bags have started gaining mass cultural popularity as a newer, more conscious lifestyle. Now you must be wondering, what’s so great about vegan leather? Well, Just about everything. In addition to being an ethical, sustainable, and animal cruelty-free alternative to traditional leather, it has a wider range of styles, lower cost, more efficient production, and is eco-friendly – plus it’s in vogue.

In this episode of the Plant-Based Profit show, Paras Doshi, founder of US fashion retailer “Doshi,” talks about his purpose of providing smart, stylish, and high-quality vegan products to encourage people with moral, religious, or environmental beliefs to seek vegan products.

We’ll talk more about the origins of the vegan fashion movement and how it can be traced back to the hippie era of the 1960s.  We will also explore its increasing popularity today to meet the needs of smart, social, and environmentally friendly professionals and fashion designers.

So, hold on tight and enjoy an insider scoop with Paras Doshi, while he reveals how sustainable vegan leather is made and is replicating the smell, touch, and feel of leather. He tells us about Microfiber PU, and what other chemicals go into vegan leather. Doshi further discusses the First Five For the World initiative and how it is a very clear, open, direct, and measurable way to make a positive impact on animals, people, and the environment. Finally, he predicts the future of Vegan leather.

We start the show with Paras sharing what his childhood was like growing up in southern California with immigrant parents.

Paras Doshi

Paras Doshi