Proving Vegetables Can "Vedge" Out the Competition


One of the toughest, most consequential battles in America is the one between meat and vegetables for space on the plates of Americans.  One particular chef from Philadelphia fought that battle on television and won.  He proved how vegetables can be the only food group that occupies your plate while still satisfying AND thoroughly impressing everyone at the table...even non-vegans.

In this episode, we interview Rich Landau, a popular restaurateur, and owner of Vedge in Philadelphia, one of the top-rated vegan restaurants in the country.  In fact, Food & Wine magazine recently named Vedge one of the “most important restaurants of the decade."  He is also the winner of FoodNetwork’s popular cooking competition Chopped and made him a hero to vegans.

Rich will talk about his passion for cooking and how he and his wife Kate demonstrate how vegetables can easily be anyone’s first option if cooked right.

For aspiring restaurateurs, this episode is full of very practical business advice coming from an owner who never took in a partner or investment.  We’ll also get an update on how the restaurant industry is doing from a business owner’s point of view during these unprecedented times.

Oh, we almost forgot.  He’ll share a secret to his very famous and very delicious, sought after, brussel sprouts.  You definitely want to take notes for that!

Rich Landau

Rich Landau