Vegan Pork Rind Snack Wins on Shark Tank


From a junk food joke to now a snack food genius – Samy Kobrolsy created a snack food on a dare that many thought was impossible - making pork rinds without pork. Yes, Samy, a Muslim, invented vegan pork rinds and turned it into a massive business that’s selling millions of dollars in nearly 1,000 stores nationwide.  But just like snacks that are taken in between meals, we’ll find out the before-meal of Samy’s story – how Snacklins started, how it grew, and their after-meal story – about his plans in the future.  

We’ll dive deep into Samy’s first-hand experience on Shark Tank. He shares how his company was accepted, what they needed to do to prepare, how he won over Mark Cuban, and his very valuable tips to those who are thinking of jumping in the tank. 

From working as a radio DJ for 8 years to packing vegan pork rinds in snack bags and pitching his own business over national TV, Samy Kobrolsy definitely has some interesting experiences we all can learn from and be inspired by. 

Samy Kobrolsy