Tofurky: Seth Tibbott (Part 2) - From Treehouse to a 100 Million Dollar Enterprise


Welcome to Part 2 of our interview with Seth Tibbott, the founder, and chairman of Tofurky.  We left off part 1 with Seth talking about how Tofurky got free advertising for their products in the early days, and we’ll start part 2 with a continuation of that story.  Seth tells us how they never paid for marketing and for any of the product placements they got on popular tv shows, game shows, late-night acts, and mentions in magazine articles and newspapers including the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

We know that holiday sales are big for Tofurky, but how do they create sales throughout the year? Seth reveals what he learned from the Turkey industry playbook.

Although he remains largely the man behind the Tofurky name, little do people know that he stepped down from running the company several years ago for his stepson Jamie to take over as CEO and president. Seth explains why he did this and also shares what his thoughts are about selling equity to capitalists and how his views on taking outside investment have evolved.

We also learn how Tofurky was able to adapt quickly to fulfill the sky rocking demand for their product while keeping workers safe during this pandemic.

Seth Tibbott

Seth Tibbott