Adapt Your Business to Thrive Amidst the Pandemic


We have an exciting and insightful episode today, especially to those of you who are just starting your businesses in the plant-based space. It’s also equally helpful for existing vegan businesses that are trying to adapt to the Covid reality we have now. We are joined by popular plant-based business and marketing coach Stephanie Redcross West, who’s become an inspiration to so many plant-based entrepreneurs.

She’ll share with us marketing strategies that businesses need to take on to succeed and ways to adapt your business to thrive amidst the pandemic.

Stephanie has had quite an entrepreneurial journey! She shares the story of transitioning from corporate rockstar to starting her OWN successful marketing agency for vegan companies.

There are a lot of nuggets of wisdom and proven tactics in this episode...a virtual gold mine...from making childhood dreams a reality, to goal-setting strategies, additional business revenue streams, and steps you can take right now to make your businesses known, heard, and sought after. Take a listen to Stephanie Redcross West, founder of the Vegan Mainstream.

Stephanie Redcross West

Stephanie Redcross West

Founder of Vegan Mainstream