How I Turned $500 dollars into $300 Million!

Have you ever had a great idea for a new product but stopped short because you started to doubt yourself and wonder if it was just too crazy, or the market wasn’t ready for it? If you have, then you are going to LOVE this show!

We all know that dairy milk alternatives are hugely popular, and chances are that you’ve probably picked-up any one of the many Silk products from your local grocery store. In this episode of Plant-Based Profits, we’ll be talking with Steve Demos, the founder of White Wave, the company responsible for Silk Soy Milk in a time when Tofu was a strange new food in America, let alone, Soy Milk.
First we’ll explore how entrepreneurship started with Steve at a very young age. Was he born an entrepreneur or did he learn to be one?

Then we will share how the dairy alternative revolution almost never he was literally one set of jumping jacks away from possibly never founding White Wave and getting his hands into tofu-making. We’ll learn how he started everything with just $500 and turned that into $14M, and then into $100M, in just 3 years, eventually selling for more than $300M!

How did he create such a successful world-changing business that set morality as priority #1 in an age where capitalism was anything but? Steve will discuss a concept he learned called “Right Livelihood” that made him go back into capitalism with something to prove.

And if you think that hiring through intuition is a crazy thing that has no place in business, Steve will reveal how you can (and should) trust your gut.